Everyone has a unique purpose they were born to fulfill.
It’s called a Divine Mission.
Many of us like the idea of living life on our own terms, getting paid well for doing soul-satisfying work and experiencing healthy, loving relationships.
Some of us also really love what others would call “woo woo” or “spiritual sh*t”.
Cards. Crystals. Channeled messages from the Universe… you name it, we love it, and we want to make money doing it.
Well honey, if it’s Woo, I’m your Boo.

Wherever you’re at I’ll meet you there. I can help whether you’re:

  • A spiritual newbie just coming into awareness of your divine gifts and wanting to deepen your understanding of them 
  • Someone who already has a certain level of spiritual awareness and wants to enrich their connection with Life, Spirit, and the Universe 
  • An emerging entrepreneur who’s ready to answer a divine calling, share your gifts with the world and get your first client OR 
  • A seasoned conscious warrior searching for the best ways to share your transformational work and take your biz to the next level

Here’s what I know for sure

I know for sure that everyone has a Divine Mission, a soul purpose and a unique gift only they can share with the world. I know we each have a birthright to be abundantly supported as we strive to live and work in alignment with our Divine Mission.

And I also know you can make money with any passion if you clearly articulate it’s value and get it in front of the peeps who desperately need and desire it.

Hey, Gorgeous!

I’m Jaena Moynihan, your Divine Mission Coach, Tarot Maven and Friend with Spiritual Benefits

I started Divine Mission Coaching after being self-employed for over a decade as a psychic medium, energy healer and spiritual teacher.

After seeing my clients come back to me year after year, often with the same issues surrounding their lives (particularly mindset), I knew something needed to change.

My sessions always delivered powerful insights and inspiration but my clients weren’t getting the deep transformations they so desperately needed, so I began offering coaching packages to work with them more in depth over a period of time.


And it worked.

My clients began experiencing massive, positive shifts in their lives as they learned how to deepen their connection with the Divine and get more clear on their life purpose (aka Divine Mission).

Many of them also had aspirations of becoming conscious entrepreneurs and were struggling to figure out how to turn their higher calling into a viable business.

Together, we shifted our mindset, connected deeply with our Source and leveraged the universal Law of Attraction to deliberately manifest amazing experiences and opportunities.

Some of us went on to build beautiful brands, create websites to showcase our offerings and learn soulful-over-sleazy ways to market ourselves in the competitive online space.


I’m not going to lie to you.

Massively up-leveling your life from the inside-out takes courage, fortitude and tenacity.

It doesn’t happen overnight and requires a healthy investment of your energy (in the forms of time, money, thought, feeling and creativity).

Working with an expert, coach or mentor who’s been where you are and is where you want to be is hands-down the easiest, fastest way to achieve your goals and flow into higher levels of living and working.


Experts ain’t cheap.

Working privately with an expert will typically run you thousands of dollars, an investment well worth the learning curve it saves and the rapid growth it promotes.

Now here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to cost your firstborn. You can still get massive value from an expert by getting in their world and gradually leveling-up to work with them at their highest level, when the time is right.

That’s why I created the #DivineInsider Network, a community of like-minded-hearted-spirited individuals working together to stop spinning and finally take control of creating lives and businesses full of freedom, love and meaning.

This is your chance to get expert coaching at a fraction of the price. Be a #DivineInsider!

Get the benefits of working with a coach who’s been where you are and is where you want to be. My #DivineInsider Network is your opportunity to receive regular group coaching from me while building a safe, supportive community of people who “get it”. 

Jaena has been a bright light in my life!

Her holistic coaching is helping me reach levels in my life (both personal and business) that I haven’t tapped into before. She is authentic, challenging, genuine, a source of inspiration, motivating, resourceful, knowledgable, and dedicated. I have been trained in coaching and have worked with coaches over the last 8 years, and Jaena’s approach has been the best yet for my life. Her style is helping me be more of me, and I am very grateful. Jaena Moynihan is the real deal!

Amy Freeman

Motivational Speaker for Women's Empowerment, Enlighten Women

There are just no words to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for you and your bootcamp!
Last year (18 months ago) I had a tarot reading with you and you mentioned the bootcamp to me out of the blue. You asked if I had I thought about being an entrepreneur. Never once did I give the thought to having my own business – ever. Plus, I had been stuck and fumbling with, “what do I want to be when I grow up?” for most of my adult life, so how on earth could I start a business if I had no idea what my interests were?
Yet, I knew on that phone call that I WOULD be in this group. Through this group you and the other members gave me the tools and confidence to figure out what are my strengths to help serve in this lifetime. Incidentally, I never knew what it meant to “serve” until being part of this group. I simply could not wait for Monday nights when I got to see, hear and talk to you all on Zoom!
The camaraderie, support and ideas that surfaced have been priceless. And not only did I figure out my Divine Mission, I figured out a few potential Divine Missions! I refer back to the workbook regularly and will continue to do so whenever I feel stuck or lacking in confidence or motivation.
Your insights, words, questions, and encouragement helped clear some of the clouds for the first time in my 44 years of life. Your sense of humor is contagious, and the group was overall one of the most loving and supportive places I have ever been part of as an adult. I miss the group terribly and look forward to more opportunities to participate in the future. Thank you for who you are, for all you do, and for giving yourself so freely to us!
Dani Sassone

Divine Mission Bootcamper

Working with Jaena has been a blessing in my life!

She helped me make some major mind set changes that have shifted the path of my life for the better. Before we started working with each other I didn’t really see how I was getting in my own way. Her intuitive coaching style went straight into the heart of my limitations and gave me a whole new awareness on the energy I was brining into my life. Making some very simple shifts changed the feeling of being stuck and confused into an understanding of how to use my personal power to propel me forward. Jaena makes it easy to open up to her, you can feel her genuine, loving and non judgmental heart every step of the way.

Marisa Chadbourne

LMT, Myofascial Therapist, A Touch of Health

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