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  • To get fully aligned with your Divine Mission and do the work you were born to do
  • To receive expert coaching for your intuitive growth and conscious biz development
  • To experience a safe, supportive community of people who love what you love and speak your language


Check out some of the amazing perks of being a #DivineInsider

Group Coaching Calls

Each month, we have 2 LIVE Video Coaching Calls (over Zoom) plus 1 (or more) Facebook Live broadcast in the secret Facebook group, where you’ll be able to listen, learn and join in to receive direct coaching support from Jaena.


We rotate through a variety of topics including:


Attraction Academy

This is straight-up-no-chaser Law of Attraction (LOA) coaching at it’s finest. We’ll review the (ever-important) basics of manifesting then follow it up with some spot-coaching to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

What are you trying to make happen? Let’s address your mindset and pivot you towards it!

Woo U

Head on over to Spirit School where we are always working on a series of spiritual tool teachings! Learn about a variety of metaphysical modalities for connecting with Spirit like:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Crystals
  • Chakras
  • Numerology
  • …any other Woo thing you want to learn about!🔮

*I like to poll the FB group often to hear what YOU want to learn about. We’re currently working through a comprehensive series learning all about tarot cards and how to use them, with multiple training videos already available for you to enjoy!  

Community Call

I frequently poll our Facebook group to get a vote on the topics you’re most interested in learning more about such as: 

  • Manifesting Money💸
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides & Angels😇
  • Business training for spiritual entrepreneurs💼
  • …and more!

These calls are often the basis for the courses and challenges I create and we always have so much fun on them.🎉  

#TarotParty: Open Q&A Call

Once a month I host an Open Q&A call where I bring my tarot and oracle cards to answer your questions, give you some intuitive feedback and provide additional coaching.

This is also a great call to bring your own cards and tools to practice and play with one another in a safe, no-pressure space!🎉 

The Member Lounge

This is where you can access all of the password-protected premium content including courses, member forums, meditation downloads and coaching call replays.


fb-4Secret Facebook Group

Meet and mastermind with other #DivineInsiders all week long in our dedicated Facebook Community plus enjoy bonus FBLive broadcasts with Jaena. 


If you’re interested in working with me one-one, click the buttons below to either book a session or apply for a FREE Virtual Coffee Talk to discuss multi-month coaching packages. 



Download my Divine Mission Assessment mini e-coaching course to learn the exact percentage of how aligned you are with your life purpose at this moment, get concrete action steps to get more aligned and shift your mindset to overcome overwhelm, frustration and disappointment.

I can’t express enough how valuable this session was for me!

My career and overall direction have been stagnant for the last 5 years. While I have built a successful life as an IT Consultant, I have long had this feeling that I was missing my life’s purpose.

In addition, I have a lot of outside passions that I have simply not known how to introduce into day to day activity. Jaena is uniquely qualified here in her coaching role, bringing her intuitive gifts into her visionary brand strategy program. What I love about Jaena is that she is real! I’ve worked with a lot of PR sort of people along the way, success coaches, etc. None to me seem to bring the authenticity that Jaena does.

Jaena is passionate about your success and it’s not lip service. I’ve worked with people who “put on the fake smile” and pretend to be vested in your growth as long as your checks cash. Jaena is not about that. She wants you to succeed and has a lot of intuitive tools at her disposal to help.

Not many (if any) other coaches can offer that. During our initial session, she took time to hear my perceptions and gave me some fantastic strategy. The strategy was centered on how do I reach my goals and bring other areas into play. I was blown away with her approach and it all resonated! I look forward to continued work with Jaena and hope others continue to find success with her.

Joe D.

Phoenix, AZ

An Elite Client shares her experience…

If you’re looking for greater clarity, direction, and movement, get with Jaena!

She’s provided me with unique tools and guidance — stuff for a lifetime — to move me forward to where I want and need to be professionally. Jaena’s got gifts like no other. She’s The Bomb!

Corinne W

Relationship Coach

My experience with Jaena has been priceless!

The tools she taught me, along with her guidance while I moved through tough lessons, have brought me to a new level of existence. I feel so much stronger and confident in my life and my work.

Jaena helped me to really understand my purpose, and gave me the support and encouragement I needed to step into my own. The stories that used to hold me back and weaken my potential are now quickly dismissed as I remember what Jaena has taught me.

I now make decisions very differently, with a new clarity and certainty in who I am. My ability to move through fear, despite it’s reoccuring presence, is remarkable. I am forging my way in this life toward my dreams, and I most certainly could not have achieved all I have in such a short time without Jaena.

I believe that I have learned lessons with her that could have taken me lifetimes to figure out on my own. Jaena truly has a gift that she delivers with authenticity, love and a dash of sass. Okay, a lot of sass. 🙂 I would highly recommend Jaena to anyone that is ready to move mountains in their life. Don’t worry – you don’t have to know how…. Jaena will.

Angela Morelli Carpenter

Intuitive Coach & Speaker, AngelaMorelliCarpenter.com

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